About Us

GIS Unit was launched in 2015 and is the global consultancy firm of Pakistan with the aim of providing GIS-based scalable solutions to businesses. We offer innovative geospatial, IT, engineering and development solutions for our clients and partners.


GIS Unit visualizes a future expansion with a constructive approach and for the Prosperous Growth of the Organization.

Why work with us

  • Business success

With the support of our drone consultancy, you will receive unique and lopping knowledge that will promote innovation and promote business success.

  • Instant knowledge

By making a purchase right away, you will have direct access to the information you need to make favorable circumstances. Now.

  • Trusted

We provide precise and useful data that has been thoroughly and independently studied.

  • Expertise

In order to better assist you in understanding what is actually happening both now and in the future, we completely concentrate on the commercial drone sector.